Jasper, Texas

Maw n Paws Health Food Store in Jasper, Texas was established in September, 2000 and has been responsible for providing outstanding organic foods, natural vitamins and herbs ever since.

It looks like maw and pas is out of business, I tried their phone number and it is not them. Here is their website: http://www.mawnpawshealthfood.com

Jasper is the “Butterfly Capital of Texas”. The town holds an annual Butterfly Festival the first Saturday in October to celebrate the migration of the monarch butterflies.

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus en ) on a Purple Conefloweren (Echinacea purpurea en). Photo by and (c)2007 Derek Ramsey (Ram-Man).

This area of Texas was settled around 1824 by John Bevil, one of the earliest European-American settlers. For many years it was known as Snow River or Bevil’s Settlementafter John R. Bevil.

Jasper became the county seat in 1844, becoming part of the United States with the Texas annexation in 1845.

Jasper is about 9 miles south of Sam Rayburn Reservoir, which is the largest lake wholly within the state of Texas. Toledo Bend Reservoir is located a few miles east of Jasper. B. A. Steinhagen Lake is about 11 miles west.

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